BarCode Jukebox

The ambition of this work is to transfer the classic jukebox concept into the future and to make it accessible for a broad audience.

In contrast to the heavy clumsy boxes usually associated with jukeboxes the „BarCode Jukebox“ hangs from the ceiling and seems to float in the air while illuminating the surrounding space. To play a specific music title the user has to hold a barcode underneath the integrated scanner at the bottom of the device. Coded music titles are available on flyers and vouchers. To play a random title any barcode at hand can be scanned, for example on bottles, tickets, etc. The device consists of a LED screen which is capable of playing light animations and color transitions according to the present music play-back.
The „BarCode Jukebox“ offers novel interaction and a increased audiovisual experience and therefore takes the barcode concept to a new level.

The fully functional prototype of the „BarCode Jukebox“ was exhibithioned at the IMM 2008, Cologne