"Ensign" e-rental & charching station

"Ensign" is a combination of an rental and an charging station for e-cars.

Placed in an urban infrastructure its height of 2.6m supports visibility and its characteristic appearance allows easy identification.
The design is inspired by the iconic form of flags, as a symbolic value for claiming a specific area especially for e-cars on one hand and to indicate the usage of environmentally- friendly wind energy on the other. The user interacts with the stations using his/her mobile phone, therefore the device needs no physical interface.
By using an app for smartphones the user can find a rental destination and check the charging status from anywhere.
Furthermore the charging status is indicated by the illumination of the station itself.

team: Simon Ehses, Cai Liang Liang, Signe Marbjerg Thomsen

in cooperation with Etrans, Denmark.